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composed and played by Nobuyoshi Tanaka (nt) ,
(playing time : 7:07)
This work was written in June 2016 with commissioned from musicaliceland P&D Inc..
It was premiered in Tokyo, in September 3, 2016. (Pianists: Reiko Kato, Natsuka Kanehira).
Score (a set of a score and 2 parts) of this work has been sold by musicaliceland P & D Inc..
Price is 1,000 yen (JPY), and postage is required separately.
If you want to buy, please visit the site:

All sample audio files are free.

Sound source (karaoke of electric sounds) to be used in concert (107.8MB):

Sound source for practice of the pianist 1:

Sound source for practice of the pianist 2:

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